You can see the records every day, making it easy to understand your baby's life cycle at a glance.
An alarm will notify you of the next breastfeeding time, which is often forgotten, and the left / right shift time with a timer during breastfeeding.

Support mom with various functions

Easy to record

Easily record breastfeeding, milking, milking, changing diapers, and sleeping.

Widget support

Launch the app quickly with the widget! & You can start breastfeeding immediately.

Notify by alarm

After the set time for breastfeeding, milking, and milking,
an alarm notifies you of the left and right shift time during breastfeeding.

Sharing childcare records with husband and wife

By using the same account, couples can share childcare records.


This app was born to answer the question
What can we do to support busy moms?

"I want to make it easier to record breastfeeding and milk" "I want you to be notified of the next breastfeeding time with an alarm" "I want to know the next breastfeeding time and breastfeeding interval at a glance"
"I want a timer function even during breastfeeding" Reflecting the voice of "I want to share",
we carefully select and develop only the functions that are really necessary so that we can check the necessary data in a simple manner.

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