Map Log

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download Map Log is an application that can write notes on a map.
You can write notes on the map anywhere you want to.
Leave notes , photos, voice records in that place more and more, then create your original maps.

Of course, also available as a regular note app.


Displaying Icons on a map
Set your favorite icons to each category and display it on a map.
Address Lookup
Find a location from address you input.
Organizing notes
Manage your notes for each category.
Colored Notes
Choose a background color of your notes for each category.
Searching notes
Support full text search.
Saving Images
Save multiple photos to a note.
Voice Recording
Save the recorded voice to a note.
Send your notes by email.
Backup And Restore
Restore notes from saved backup file or save a backup file through web browser.
The computer must be contacted to the same local network with iPhone.
Sorting notes
Sort notes by creation dates, update dates, title